ETF meets the French Minister of Transport, Elisabeth Borne: Protecting workers’ rights is not protectionism

On 22 February an ETF delegation met with the French Minister of Transport Elisabeth Borne. The meeting was a breath of fresh air! Up in the heights of the European Council building, set in a small meeting room, we all saw the light at the end of the tunnel in a...

Ver.di takes action on bus & coach! Safety first, fatigue kills!

“Fatigue in transport is life threatening. Implementation of the Commission proposals will make trucks and buses ticking time bombs on our roads” said Christine Behle, member of Ver.di’s Federal Board, in a press release announcing the union bus & coach action of...

Address accumulated driver fatigue & improve road safety! The ETF wants stricter driving and rest time rules for truck, bus and coach drivers

Starting with today, the ETF will lobby for a total change in the driving and rest time rules. We demand for: a) A maximum limit of 8 hours of driving per day, allowing a 9 hour day of driving only twice per week b) Breaks of 60 minutes, every 4 hours of driving time....

Bus & coach: ETF & major EU organisations join efforts to defend driver, passenger and road user safety

The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), the European Federation Road Traffic Victims (FEVR) and the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), three major EU organisations representing safety interests of road users and passengers, met with the ETF on Monday 12...

Bus & coach companies lobby for longer hours and less rest for drivers

Europe currently has rules about driving and rest time that cover road freight and passenger transport alike – the details are set out in Regulation 561/2006. But bus and coach operators have never accepted the tight limits imposed by this regulation, although even...
The European Commission Mobility Package is a huge disappointment for us. Now, the proposals are in the hands of the European Parliament and the governments of the Member States. That is precisely why we take up action: to inform, share our concerns, make our voice heard, and influence decisions! We want the proof for a social Europe. The hundreds of thousands of drivers sleeping and living in their lorries for months, deserve it! Frank Moreels

ETF President, ETF / BTB-ABVV, Belgium

Cette semaine d’action est une des plus importantes de ces 15 dernières années. Les décisions qui seront prises par l’Europe concernant les nouvelles règlementations européennes concernant le transport routier auront un impact sur la vie des citoyens européens, sur les travailleurs européens du transport et en définitive sur l’Europe pour les 15 à 20 ans à venir. Si de mauvaises mesures sont prises ce sera la catastrophe. Si je devais résumer cela en un seul slogan cela serait « A travail égal, salaire égal au même endroit » SANS CELA NOUS AURONS DEMAIN UNE EUROPE QUI RESSEMBLERA A UNE JUNGLE! Roberto Parrillo

ETF Road Transport President, ETF / ACV TRANSCOM, Belgium

Professional drivers have been expected to work long hours with minimum rest for far too long. Without passenger and freight road transport economies across Europe would grind to a halt. We, Unite & ETF , are calling for the Commission to build a road package that delivers social fairness, fair employment practices and creates an industry that is attractive for workers. Adrian Jones

ETF Road Transport Section Vice President , ETF / UNITE the UNION, UK


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Die EU-Kommission plant, die Arbeitszeiten von Busfahrern zu verschlechtern. ver.di warnt: das könnte zu einem höheren Sicherheitsrisiko durch müde Fahrer führen.

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This morning in Berlin: Joint ver.di and European Transport Workers' Federation action supported by about 30 colleagues from BVG at the city's main bus terminal. Our message is clear: We stand for #FairTransport while the planned EU revision of driving and rest time puts bus & coach drivers and passengers at risk!
Read more in our campaign leaflet available on our blog:
#RespectDrivers #SafetyFirst
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21 February 2018, 8am, leafleting action in Berlin, ZOB: ver.di will be informing bus&coach drivers and passengers about the plans of the European Commission to change the rules about how long drivers can work without a rest.
More working and driving time and less rest for drivers. This is not the way to reduce bus and coach accidents in Europe!
This is not #FairTransport!
European Transport Workers' Federation will join the action.
#FatigueKills #RespectDrivers
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... and colleagues from the Romania take the ETF requirements on board!!! Information campaign run by Romanian colleagues from the SLT! Calin Orlando Cocis SLT - Sindicatul Lucratorilor din Transporturi ... See MoreSee Less

Campania ETF Road Transport Section pentru informarea șoferilor din transportul de persoane e benefică și în țara noastră. Siguranța rutieră trebuie să devină o prioritate în acest sector! ...

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Bus and coach, safety first! The ball starts rolling. Btb-abvv transport & logistiek out and about talking to coach drivers about working conditions in the sector. A good opportunity to inform them on the intentions of Brussels policy makers to loosen up the driving and working time rules for bus and coach sector. Thank you colleagues, looking forward to more and major actions in Belgium, Germany, France, the UK and the Netherlands.
#FairTransport #RespectDrivers #FatigueKills #RoadSafety
Georges Bach Violeta Bulc Wim Van de Camp
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“Veiligheid is prio” deze avond was er een on the Road voor de autocarchauffeurs. Een warme kop koffie met een broodje en een goed gesprek over de arbeidsomstandigheden. #samensterk #WeAreBTB ETF...

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Krokusvakantie .. Velen vertrekken op skireis met de bus. Jammer genoeg is er niet altijd het verdiende respect voor de chauffeurs: te veel aan bagage, niet altijd een slaapvoorziening,..Wij dragen on...

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A visit to Brussels of our Danish colleagues from 3F, leaders and union activists. An opportunity to come visit the ETF and exchange views about Europe and #FairTransport ... See MoreSee Less

The ETF is a family, and we are only as strong as our bond with our affiliate unions. Great to have a visit from Jan Villadsen and the team of 🇩🇰 Denmark's Fagbladet 3F!

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Yesterday and today many of our unions have met in Brussels, as we are getting ready to shape up the future of our #Fairtransport Europe 2.0 campaign. We've heard great ideas and strong commitment ...

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Drivers,the fight moves to the European Parliament! From tomorrow, the very members you elected 4 years ago will start debating and deciding on your future, more exactly they'll decide on how long you work, where you sleep, how much you'll be paid, how easy it'll be to 'traffic' you via the letter-box companies. Tomorrow the ETF will publish, on the Road Transport Section blog, a driver's open letter addressed to two EU Commissioners and to several MEPs! Help the ETF make YOUR voice heard! Be with us in this campaign! Let's make the politicians listen to us! Follow us closely and we'll tell you when and where you can join our actions! ... See MoreSee Less

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News from the BXL political machinery: right now ETF attends debates in one of the 4 key EU Institutions empowered to decide on the future of our drivers' working and living conditions. There are stil...

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News from the BXL political machinery: right now ETF attends debates in one of the 4 key EU Institutions empowered to decide on the future of our drivers' working and living conditions. There are still many voices across this room saying that truck cabins are as modern as 5 star hotel rooms so drivers should not complain! We challenge all those politicians sharing this opinion to come spend one mere week in a truck - eating, washing, sleeping, driving! All in 2 square meters! The ETF will organise a sleep-out this spring. Open invite to all BXL decision makers! ... See MoreSee Less

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#StopLetterBoxCompanies #RespectDrivers ... See MoreSee Less

European trade unions say NO to letterbox companies! They represent a danger to workers & public investment. Letterbox arrangements will merely increase workers’ alienation from the single market. ...

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Today we welcomed the Steering Committee of the ETF Road Transport Section. The #mobilitypackage will be finalised over the next few months, so we planned ways to get the best for drivers. #fairtransp...

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The Steering Committee of the ETF Road Transport Section met today in Brussels to discuss future action aiming to improve jobs and lives of our professional drivers. Part of our meeting, a clear solidarity message for XPO trade unions and workers: together we are strong, together we will defend labour and social rights in XPO! #RespectDrivers #FairTRansport With Adrian Jones Flemming Overgaard Roberto Parrillo Michiel Boer Brigitta Paas Alain Sutour Hans Christian Andersen John Reynaert ... See MoreSee Less

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