Ver.di takes action on bus & coach! Safety first, fatigue kills!


“Fatigue in transport is life threatening. Implementation of the Commission proposals will make trucks and buses ticking time bombs on our roads” said Christine Behle, member of Ver.di’s Federal Board, in a press release announcing the union bus & coach action of tomorrow, 21 February.

The ETF German affiliated member Ver.di, supported by bus drivers of Berlin’s urban transport company BVG, will distribute information to passengers and drivers. Message: the planned EU revision of driving and rest time will endanger road safety and driver health and safety. The action will start at 08:00 sharp, and will cover the main bus terminal in Berlin.

On 31 May 2017, the European Commission made the capital mistake to open for revision the rules governing the maximum driving hours and the minimum rest for truck, bus and coach drivers. Nine months later all battle fronts are open: the good old rules which have barely managed to keep in balance road safety, driver health and safety and some sort of fair (???) competition between road operators, risk now to be ripped apart by the EU Institutions, in exchange for more flexibility for the business!

Ver.di is not the only one to pull the alarm signal over the safety risks relating to a laxer driving and rest time regime for road passenger and freight transport. Other similar union initiatives will be organised in Italy and Belgium in the next couple of weeks. France, UK, Denmark and the Netherlands will follow swift.

Ver.di and all other ETF members call for a reduction in daily and weekly driving times and an increase in breaks for truck, bus and coach drivers alike!

They call for EU policy makers to be consistent in their polices: they cannot promise to reduce the number of accidents across Europe, while allowing buses, coaches and trucks be drivers for hours on end on our roads. Make transport fair, that’s what we say! #FairTransport!

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