Revision of the EU driving and rest time rules: the ETF is not alone in calling for #SafetyFirst !


Four European organisations join together in expressing their concerns over the revision of driving and rest time rules for commercial transport. Proposals for longer driving hours, longer working time and shorter rest periods for bus and coach drivers make many wonder whether Brussels policy makers have totally forgotten about their commitments to safety on European roads!

The ETF together with the European Cyclists’ Federation, the European Transport Safety Council and the European Federation of Road Traffic Victims co-signed a statement calling on the EU Institutions among others to over-rule any further derogation for the bus and coach sector and to adopt a total ban on the weekly rest periods spent in the vehicle.

“Collisions involving heavy goods vehicles, buses and coaches, affecting other road users and drivers alike, are regrettably still all too common. Given their size and weight, collisions involving these larger vehicles often lead to higher numbers of deaths, particularly amongst cyclists, pedestrians and powered two wheelers. Likewise, a single collision involving a bus or coach can result in many more deaths given the number of passengers on board.”, stress the four organisations in their declaration.
The statement has been sent to the European Commission, the 28 EU Member States and to members of the European Parliament. A meeting with key MEPs will follow in April.

As well pointed out in the joint statement, every measure taken at the European level must pass the road safety test! This is the only way the EU can keep its promise, to halve road deaths by 2020, and to reduce serious injuries on European roads by 2030.

The revision of the EU driving and rest rules concerns citizens and professional drivers alike. We hope more organisations will join us in conveying our message: #SafetyFirst

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