ETF Road Transport Section decides on way to go ahead about the #MobilityPackage


27 and 28 March – two important days for the ETF Road Section. Time for our affiliates representing bus, coach and truck drivers to get together in Brussels on one of our two regular annual meetings, and discuss the Mobility Package.

The Section reviewed the progress made by the Council and the European Parliament on cabotage, driving and rest time, access to occupation and posting: no progress! Except for driving and rest time where there may be light at the end of the tunnel, but for whom? While in “EMPL” – one of the two European Parliament Committees working on the Package – there is a clear will to put a cap to driving hours and improve conditions for drivers’ rest and their return home, the leading EP Committee, TRAN, seem to share none of these views. Weekly rest spent in the vehicle, prolonged driving periods, a special regime for buses and coaches based on drastically reduced rest periods, all these are part of a deal to be submitted to a vote in Brussels, in May this year.

The ETF Road Section has no time to lose! Decisions are clear, and actions imminent. From today, we’ll make it public that we support no compromise on the core driving and rest time rules. A week of action targeting road users and bus and coach passengers and stressing on the safety risks relating to the EP potential decisions, will follow swift. The ETF and its Section members are currently doing a mapping of main bus and coach terminals across the EU, to be raided by our teams during the last week of April. The month of May will come with more actions, including a European demonstration in Strasbourg. Busy times, but we are determined to win this!

On posting, the ETF wants to see the new EU directive apply to professional drivers as soon as possible. The deal made by the policy-makers to exclude our sector from the scope of the new posting rules will come to an end once the Mobility Package is adopted. Our Section thus refined its position on the application of posting rules to international transport. This is a simple and enforceable approach aiming to make posting rules enforceable and help end disputes on the number of days drivers should be exempt for, from wage levels of those wealthy countries they cross during the exercise of their work.

Hope you enjoyed your Easter break cause now it’s time for action!

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