ETF President Frank Moreels opens ETF Bus & coach action week with a strong message!


ETF action week on bus and coach stated today with the ETF President, Frank Moreels, launching a strong message to the EU Institutions: changes the EU driving and rest time rules are simply unacceptable!

“Current driving and rest time rules are 12 years old. And they barely keep our roads safe. In the past 12 years traffic picked up at incredible levels. Driving kids, adults and elderly people is far more of a challenge than a decade ago. Nonetheless, the EU Institutions want to make our bus and coach drivers rest less and drive and work longer hours. It’s in everyone’s interest to have well rested drivers, before we see a soar in accident levels on our roads.” said Frank Moreels

At the end of last year, EU bus and coach operators started lobbying for a special regime for the sector. Customer friendly, they call it. Under this regime, bus and coach drivers are supposed to drive 12 consecutive days before taking one single day of rest, have no full weekends during a rolling month and work 16-hour per day at least twice per week. An even more special regime is intended for tour coach drivers. They’d be supposed to driver as long as 13 weeks with no more than 24 hours of rest at the end of every week!

Question remains: Is this really in the interest of passengers?

Well, today, during the BTB action in the Brussels Nord bus terminal, almost 100 of them answered a firm ‘No!’

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