2015: 627 passengers & professional drivers died in bus, coach and truck crashes 14% cyclist and 42% pedestrian fatalities came as a result of accidents involving truck, bus and coach! Is this not enough?


The ETF, the European Cyclists’ Federation, the European Transport Safety Council and the European Federation of Road Traffic Victims continue their joint initiative to plea for more safety on European roads!

This comes in the context of a very controversial revision of the EU driving and rest time rules, as ‘Brussels’ want to slash rest time and increase driving and working hours for professional drivers.

Yesterday, 24 April, the 4 European federations met key MEPs playing a leading role in the revision of the EU driving and rest time regulation. The meeting was hosted by MEP Georges Bach, rapporteur on the EU revision of driving and rest time rules in the EMPL Committee of the European Parliament.

The 4 organisations put facts and figures on the table. According to the latest EC statistics (dated 2015), 14% of the cycling fatalities came as a result of crashes with large commercial vehicles. Large vehicles were also responsible for 42% of pedestrian fatalities. More than 600 people, passengers and professional drivers, died in crashes involving buses, coaches and trucks.

It was the European Commission itself who set the ambitious target to halve the number of road deaths between 2010 and 2020! Today, the Commission admits that there is a too slow progress towards reaching this goal. “After two years of stagnation (2014 and 2015), the number of road fatalities was reduced by 2% in 2016, and by another 2% in 2017. While the last two years give rise to some optimism, it will be very challenging for the EU to reach its ambitious target of halving the number of road deaths between 2010 and 2020” points out the EC in a factsheet published this month (!!!), “2017 road safety statistics: What is behind the figures?”.

Some politicians say rates of fatalities involving bus, coach and trucks are low. But are these not enough?

In this context, extending driving and work hours and reducing rest periods for professional drivers is cynical!

The first vote on these changes will be taking place today, in the European Parliament. All our attention is directed to Brussels!

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