ETF never stops! Bus & coach actions today in Sweden, Italy and Austria!


Yesterday, the ETF Road Section scored a big success on the first Mobility Package vote in the European Parliament. The EMPL Committee adopted with large majority reports on posting, driving and rest time and cabotage that go pretty much in line with the ETF position: application of posting of workers rules to cabotage and international transport from Day 1, with no exception; no changes to driving and rest time rules and a full ban on the weekly rest periods spent in the lorry; cabotage operations limited to 48 hours, with a cooling off period of 7 days (meaning that vehicles engaged in cabotage will have to stay away from the Member State hosting the cabotage operations for an entire week)!

But a second vote, this time in the transport committee (TRAN) of the European Parliament, proves to be much harder to win. And it’s only in 4 weeks’ time!

Hence, the ETF Road Section is determined to continue its actions and campaigning here!

Here is just a glimpse into the actions planned today, 26 April:

Swedish affiliates Kommunal will leaflet bus and coach passengers and drivers in 19 towns and cities across Sweden.

Massive action by our Austrian affiliate Vida is going on right now in bus terminals in Vienna.

In Italy, the three ETF affiliated unions FIT CISL, FILT CGIL and UIL Transporti will cover bus terminals in Rome.

All to stop policy makers adopt more derogations for bus and coach, in terms of driving and rest time.

ETF never stops! We need to act to force Brussels take into account safety of drivers and safety of road users.

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