Strasbourg, 29 May: 500 drivers & union activists called for the European Parliament to reject more flexibility of driving and rest time


At the express call of trade unions from Western European Member States, the ETF organised a demonstration in Strasbourg, in front of the European Parliament, on 29 May. 500 drivers and union activists urged the European Parliament to reject any change in the core rules of driving and rest time. The TRAN Committee will vote on these changes on 4 June.

The unions are concerned that such changes will have a devastating impact on collective agreements. The drivers fear impact on bonuses relating to week-end work, impact on wages and on time spent with their families.

“Keeping our rights means better conditions for all drivers in Europe. But now Brussels wants to do it another way: put our rights under pressure so that there’s a real race to the bottom” said a union activist.

“This demonstration is for all drivers, including our colleagues sleeping and cooking in their trucks. This has to end! Here, today, we are the voice of all!”

More than 20 members of the European Parliament and group leaders from 4 political groups joined and addressed the demonstrators.

We have support in the European Parliament.

Clock’s ticking and we will want to know who votes for road safety and driver safety on Monday! Be with us and you will know too!

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